Lake Vyrnwy

The Met Office advised people only travel on essential journeys while The Beast from The East™ covered the entire country in snow. When Char and Liam suggested taking the Land Rover for an adventure we decided it qualified as an essential journey as it would prevent any further arguments over the thermostat in our flat. We made it to and from Wales and only had to push the Land Rover once, so all in all an incredible snow day adventure. I shot all these pictures with my Canon kit lens but edited them to look like Kodak 160 with some saturation. 



Apologies for my prolonged absence, there was an unfortunate incident that involved a small child, some ribena and my beloved macbook. I now have access to a working laptop and present to you some forgotten film from my trip to Berlin in the summer of 2014. This was one of the first rolls of film I'd ever shot, I used a basic point and shoot.



I felt painfully uninspired in Canterbury. I bought two rolls of Fujifilm Superia 400 and a day return ticket to Belgium. Here's the result.

North of the wall.

These photos mark an epic road trip from Canterbury to Inverness. They also symbolise for me a conscious decision to begin collating the photographs I have taken of my travels so far, consider this a starting point. They were shot in full auto, saved as JPEG. I'm happy with the ideas behind these photos. I can't wait to improve further.